Tuesday, December 29, 2009

12-29-09 (Blues locker room quotes)

Leftover locker room quotes from Blues 4-3 loss to the Nashville Predators

Were early penalties poor ones to take?

We played frustrated, and we took penalties. We didn't show a lot of composure with the puck, made poor decisions with it, put ourselves in a position where we took some penalties because we didn't manage the puck very well. Certainly a number of poor penalties tonight, but most of it stems from the fact that we didn't manage the puck very well.

On difficulties getting changes during penalty kill

Some of the shifts they had, we couldn't get the penalty killers off the ice. We had tired people playing out there and part of that, we were in defense mode and we couldn't get any fresh people out there because we were killing so many penalties. That was the fact that when we were at even strength, we had tired people out there because we couldn't get the puck advanced enough to get those guys off the ice.

On what team did in third period that was missing first 40 minutes

I think we skated. To me, the game of hockey is all about skating, pressuring the puck, getting to loose pucks, winning your battles when you get there and certainly, Nashville skated much better than we did. They got to all the loose pucks, they won all the puck battles, they played with more energy than what we did. In the third period, we got to loose pucks, we put pressure on their defense as was the game plan to start the game tonight ... to get after them, to wear them down. We did it in the third period and again that magnifies the problem for me because we knew what we needed to do and we didn't do it at the start of the game, and yet we do it in the third period.

Why doesn't what happened in the 3rd period happen for 60 minutes?

You have to do it at the start of games when games are on the line. It's easier to do that when you're down two goals because you have nothing to lose. When it's the start of the hockey game, that's when you have to bring it. You can't win games playing one period. I've got to be better and the whole team's got to be better.


On good start to game and what happened after that
The first couple shifts were pretty good and then after that, the second half of the first just simply wasn't good enough. The second period was clouded with penalties. The third, we had a lot more jump, were more aggressive, but at the same time, Nashville is sitting back on their 4-1 lead so it's a mixture of both, I think.

On why it's tough to get going when you have to kill all those penalties
It's tough to get into a rhythm, but I thought since (the penalty killers) did such a good job ... I don't know how many minutes, three-something minutes. After that, we've got to bring momentum and turn the game around. I thought we had a couple strong shifts but it wasn't good enough.


What was the difference in the 3rd period
Our defensemen were jumping into the play more, pinching down. We were taking a lot of risks you really don't want to be taking ta the beginning of games. I don't know if that's something we have to start doing without trying to take away from our defensive play. In a perfect world, we'd be playing that way all the time.

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